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Daily Tarot: Sagittarius New Moon


Queen of Wands

The Queen of Wands fell out of the deck as I was shuffling and, as we all know, cards falling out of decks during tarot are never coincidental. Very fitting that a card associated with fire would appear during the new moon in sagittarius.

The Queen of Wands represents mastery of creative energy. I’ve felt out of tune with my creative instincts and certainly haven’t felt powerful in this regard up until today. This new moon has gifted me with a burst of energy to reclaim my creative senses.

When I saw this card, I thought of Puno from ilovecreatives. Ads for her Squarespace design course had been popping up for me everywhere and I finally took the bait and enrolled. I watched some of her videos and immediately saw the Queen of Wands in her; more importantly, I was reminded of those traits in myself.

To exude the energy of the Queen of Wands is to present yourself with confidence to the world. You have unwavering faith in your identity and your potential. Who you are and what you bring to the table is enough, and you feel no shame in claiming your space. Your energy should inspire and ignite a flame in others. You pass the torch around your community and light up the sky together.

The Queen of Wands urges us to manifest joy for ourselves by exploring and investing in the creative expression of our inner flame. She assures us creative opportunities are coming our way and pushes us to harness the strength and energy to pursue them. Now is the time to pursue passion projects and learn new skills. By the end of this moon cycle, you’ll have new creative projects to present to the world. You’ll walk your path leaving a larger flame in your wake.

Strength Sisu Vision

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