Overalls have secured their status as a timeless piece of attire since the 1750s, returning as a staple to the forefronts of our closets time and time again. They first made their mark in fashion as functional attire for the working class, predominantly worn by farmers, carpenters, and housepainters alike. As women began to take on more working class roles, overalls persevered as an early representation of genderless fashion. Fast forward a

couple of centuries, and overalls have left their mark on a number of different eras in fashion—from casual 70s attire to being seen on the likes of TLC and Tupac during hip-hop's golden age in the 90s. The historical substance behind our beloved overalls is key to its relevance today and nineteen-year-old Ibrahim Itani is set on ensuring its cultural significance lives on.


Words by Victoria Kamila

Photos by Julien Burgueno 

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