I had a conversation with my cousin last night about pressure from family members, particularly in Asian or immigrant families, to take a more secure, traditional route to financial stability. I communicated what I believed I was being judged for, and how I felt certain family members thought of me. Without making any attempt at all to sugarcoat things, my cousin basically confirmed all my fears to be true (and I am now all the more excited for all the family dinners I get to endure this Christmas).

Oftentimes when my vision for the future feels clear and attainable, pressure and judgment from aunts, uncles and cousins can instantly cloud it all up. Organizing my thoughts starts to feel like trying to see clearly through muddy water; all the mud starts to cling to my optimism, eventually completely dulling its shine for the sake of being more 'realistic'.


The King of Pentacles in a reading can represent the oppressive forces that, like a broken record, screech at us over and over again, "Be more realistic." He can also serve as an embodiment of all the individuals who found financial success at the cost of relationships, integrity, and spirituality. Too much reality strips the individual of all the other magic there is to enjoy in the world, and can wear the mind down to a state of depression and mental illness.


But the King of Pentacles can also represent  success in line with spiritual fulfillment — contrary to what most of us may be too jaded to believe, success in line with our hearts, identities, and morals can and does exist as a reality! This card tells us that being ‘realistic’ need not mean squashing dreams or fantastical ideas; it can mean knowing our present circumstances well enough to understand how we can use our immediate reality to bring us one step closer to manifesting our desires. This King begs the question, "What material possessions or resources currently surround me, that I can use right now, to construct the vision of the future I want?" 


The King of Pentacles uses the earth and the material realm to heal him and give strength to the less tangible forces of his mind, thoughts, and dreams. He understands, perhaps deeper than any other suit, the notion that magic is simply using the objects at your disposal to see your will in motion.