Following the first few days after a New Moon, we progress from the initial stages of planting manifestation seeds to putting in the work to see those seeds come to fruition. The excitement and optimism that we so often find at the start of an endeavour can start to wear off, and our dedication to seeing our plans through is tested. Are we willing to put in the work, or will the harsh winds of doubt, fear, and procrastination blow out the flame we worked so hard to spark during the New Moon?


The Seven of Wands signifies the turning point of a story in which we must defend our choices. Our choice to see out a goal that has our growth and best interests at heart must be protected. The defenses we put in place to protect the plans we’ve made for success must come from an innermost, spiritual conversation we consistently choose to have with ourselves to see our passion projects through.


As a writer and as a creative, I tend to exist in this weird space between welcoming criticism and having the growth of my work depend on it, to being absolutely terrified of it and having just the mere thought of it paralyze the amount of work I put out into the world. Something I’ve been learning to be okay with is that putting out anything at all is my own form of success, and I will need to defend that action from armies of external critics and worst of all, my own inner critic.

I’ve been told often that I am my own worst enemy — my track record would show that I’ve held myself back more than any other external obstacle has. But by the end of 2019, I know that all of the growing pains of the past year have led to rerouting thought patterns to paths that are stronger, more resilient, and conducive to my success.