The Cabbage Club is a new streetwear collective sprouted out of London and headed by Eashen Rhodes. Their first line dropped in December 2015 with a catalog of graphic short and long-sleeve tees and a classic ‘cabbage’ printed baseball cap.

The creative direction boasts pristine attention to detail in both the concept and final product with each print having started out drawn by hand.


The line offers intricate prints that play to an imaginative concept, straight from its name down to its “part of your five a day” catchphrases.

For those curious about the name, he reveals it actually came from health complications he's been battling; “The overriding theme for the brand stemmed from my situation at the time. I've been fairly ill for the past year, with pretty bad digestion issues, which led to restricted diets and cocktails of medication for months on end. Friends used to joke that I'd only be able to eat cabbage by the end of it and it just stuck.”


"Think outside the patch."


“I wanted to stretch the imagination and illustrate things you may have not seen before whilst maintaining a cool and contemporary feel. Vegetation and nature more generally is the perfect subject for any kind of drawing—the detail found within the leaves as well as the variation in structures and patterns of those leaves provided me with a large array of ideas and designs. Combining vegetation and odd abstract objects provokes a  magical feel to each design. The concept of untameable nature fighting back against modern reality, like a house engulfed in ivy, really appeals to me and hopefully a lot of other people too.”


words by Victoria Kamila
photos by Humothy