The Moon.


Here, we can detach from the logical, ordered structures of our daytime lives, and we can embrace the emotional, illogical, yet deeply human aspects of our universe most potently revealed to us in the darkness of the night.  

on Mon 17 Feb 2020


The Devil.


The Devil wants to distract you. He wants to use your excuses to lead you down a self-sabotaging path of smoke and mirrors. They’re like strings of forbidden fruit he dangles in front of you, luring you in with the false pretense of absolving you from taking responsibility for your life. And Bojack’s addicted to the bait.

on Mon 03 Feb 2020


Heaven is on a beach somewhere with Malcolm, the two of you just watching the waves crash in as he strums on a ukulele, musing over the obscurities of life.

on Thurs 30 Jan 2020

IMG_1643 2.JPG

Queen of Pentacles.

The Queen of Pentacles teaches us to look beyond the narrative of our past experiences as a binary of success against failure and to reframe them as nothing less than a necessary culmination of the labour it takes to live out our truth.

on Mon 20 Jan 2020


The Empress.

Love, love, love, love love. Mac Miller opens his fourth studio album, The Divine Feminine, chanting in celebration of love; “Love, love, love, love, love, love, love”.

on Tues 17 Dec 2019


Eight of Pentacles.

“It gets easier,” the jogging baboon says to Bojack, “Everyday it gets a little easier. But you gotta do it everyday. That’s the hard part. But it does get easier.”

on Fri 06 Dec 2019


Ten of Cups: Reversed.

The Ten of Cups reversed suggests that the once idealized reality you were living in has faded. The fog surrounding Diane’s Hollywood mansion dissipates and reveals what is really just an old, derelict apartment building.

on Thurs 05 Dec 2019


The Lovers.

Romantic love was not always embraced to the vacuous extent that it is today. Being struck by an arrow from Cupid's Bow was once viewed as a curse or form of punishment that had to be remedied.

on Wed 04 Dec 2019


The Hermit: Reversed.

When I saw Sade's 'The Best of Sade' in the record shop, the manner in which she stared forward, completely on her own and independent of any other design elements, felt like a projection of my own image staring down the lonely, albeit enlightening, path ahead.

on Tues 03 Dec 2019


Five of Cups.

As human beings, we have a tendency to romanticize the most painful parts of our shame. We can drown ourselves in an obsession over analyzing all the cups we’ve spilled, forgetting about the ones that still stand upright and full beside us.

on Mon 02 Dec 2019


Three of Cups.

From the Japanese Sukeban to India’s Gulabi Gang, the Three of Cups represents every rebellious girl gang that has existed at every stage of human civilization.

on Sun 01 Dec 2019

IMG_0551 2.jpg

Wheel of Fortune.

Although there is absolutely a chaotic and contradictory essence to this card that speaks to both cosmic order and the uncertainty of chance, it also offers reassurance in the treasures of knowledge gained from the lessons each spin has in store for you. 

on Thurs 28 Nov 2019